Sunday, August 08, 2010

nearly 3 weeks post partum

half. way. there.
as if by telling myself that will somehow make the next three weeks go by any faster.
don't get me wrong, i love my little bug to pieces.
it will just be nice to not be sore (back, incision, even bellybutton for some reason?), to maybe start getting more than two hours of sleep at a time (did you know parents lose an average of six months of sleep over the course of the baby's first two years?!), to get into the swing of things balancing work (starting a week from friday! yikes!) and mommyhood, and to be able to work out again. i love having family around that are so willing to help out, but i seriously hate having to be so dependent.

yes... three weeks from tuesday will be my 6 week checkup. i am really trying hard to take it easy so the doctor can just give me the green light to do whatever i want to do again (like drive). but its hard when there are dishes/bottles/laundry/house/carpet (like the other day when kevs threw up on the carpet only hours after baby D had vomited all over me and the carpet...poor Mr. D had to work cleanup on both accounts) to be cleaned.

also, in case you were wondering: NOT a good idea to google "three weeks postpartum" just for kicks. some of the photos people post online are enough to make you want to cry... because seriously!? who has a flat tummy replete with 6-pack three weeks after having a baby?? not me, that's for sure...

but i digress. i am so so very blessed. after a hard labor, i have a healthy baby boy who only cries (at least for now) when he is dirty, gassy, tired, or hungry. i have a wonderful husband who shares the workload with me when there are so many single moms out there who don't have that kind of help. i have family, friends and neighbors all willing to drop everything at a moment's notice to help out with baby D should i require assistance. i have an amazing job that despite wanting to spend all my time with the little guy, i am really excited to get back to. i have insurance...something i have never really appreciated until the last couple of days when we have received literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of hospital bills. i may start referring to baby D as our "million dollar baby" since we've probably spent at least that much on him so far. i am lucky to sneak in a little nap here and there and overall just have the energy to get through the day. i don't have postpartum depression because i think i keep reminding myself of all those things, and how can i possibly be depressed?? i am healthy, happy (as long as i'm fed and have at least a little sleep) and have so many modern conveniences that its hard not to be content...especially when Mr. D gives me one of those silly looks or i see how intently he looks at our son, laughing every time he makes a new funny face in his sleep.

it didn't ever "come to stay," it always "came to pass"... and i am trying my best to treasure every waking (or half-awake) moment. :)

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Emily Jacobs said...

!!! This makes me want a baby now...

Your positive attitude always help me remain positive! Couldn't be happier for you. LOVE!!!

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