Saturday, August 21, 2010

last night for the Krons

We're a classy family. So where do we dine for dinner? Ihop, of course.
Cousin Alec and Baby D...twinners.
Dad's only brother, Uncle Stu. Baby D loved staring at him.
4 generation photo op
"He better not poop on my bed!" --DK, moments before we found out that Baby D had, in fact,
leaked out of his diaper onto his hotel bed.
siblings (and DK with a real smile, no less!)
the happy back in Ohio to rest after a week of spoiling their only grandchild.

Its been a crazy couple of family-filled weeks.
I started work yesterday, so I guess while one craziness dies down, another one begins....

1 comment:

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

YOU are one strong, amazing woman :) Baby D doesn't know how good he got it!!! (He will soon...)

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