Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 weeks postpartum

6 weeks pregnant
40 weeks pregnant
6 weeks post partum
As I sit here after feeding Baby D, finally able to get to my thrice-reheated frozen dinner at 10pm, it amazes me at how much has changed in just the last 6 weeks. Thankfully, I have a beautiful, healthy baby boy that I am so very in love with. Although sleep-deprived, I have a full week of work under my belt, Baby D is starting to evolve into a more predictable schedule, and Mr. D taking one of the two night feedings has been one of the greatest blessings I can even imagine on my sanity.

Six months ago today, Bananas was moving in with us... this weekend she is moving out :( We will miss her so much but Baby D seriously NEEDS his own room. Sleeping in the same room as a baby is HARD, especially when you have one so noisy who breathes super loud and snorts like a little piggie when he is in that waking up stage... or falling asleep... or ANYtime, actually. I will miss having my sister around, but I do think Mr. D and I will be sleeping better.

According to THIS post, six months ago today, I was 20 weeks pregnant and excited to find out the gender of our sweet baby (I am pretty sure it was all I could think about). At that point I had also gained 17 pounds, which is about the point I am at right now. So while I am SO grateful to have lost about 28 pounds so far (thanks to breastfeeding, since I have yet to work out), I know I still have quite a ways to go. And as much as I can't wait to get back my flat tummy, it is actually my arms that I am most excited to work out and get back to the way they were a year ago. Rec center gym, ready or not, here I come!

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naomi said...

I knew you'd be back to normal in no time! Oh man - Julian sleeps 'through the night' but that means he wakes every 3 hours to feed so I'm still sleeping in 2-3 hour stretches, but now at least he knows when he's meant to be asleep and generally keeps his eyes closed from 9pm-7am! Baby D is lovely, he's a cute little bug

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