Friday, July 02, 2010

power full

After dealing with terrible non-stop "false labor" contractions all Thursday, it was a huge relief to have something to do other than swim, sleep and run errands... Thanks to Sari, I got to craft and play for about 5 hours with this fun little machine called a Cricut, along with a bunch of other ladies. I am determined there is something absolutely fantastic about being around those ladies--they are all so accomplished and sweet and just...happy. They joked about helping me through labor should my water break right then and there, "just like in Glee" (good thing the only episode I ever watched of that show was the season finale...thanks, Bananas!), and I almost felt bad about leaving at the end of the night without anything happening. There was such a wonderful spirit in that home, I nearly didn't want to leave. I hope that a few years down the road my sisters and I still find excuses to get together and can have as much fun and love for each other as Sari and her sisters.
On a side note, my contractions went away sometime during the crafting and haven't been back since (thank goodness!)

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