Tuesday, June 01, 2010

tanto que hacer.

I can officially say that I am having a baby NEXT MONTH!!


Still on my list of things To Do?
-Finish Praxis class (ends next week)
-Put everything together in my "Go" Bag
-Buy Diapers.
-Buy Carseat
-Paint Bananas/Baby D's Room
-Repaint the changing table
-See Toy Story 3
-Buy an ottoman and glider
-Really organize and clean my house
-Read Jesus the Christ
-Buy stroller
-Organize baby clothes according to size (kind of silly until you realize I just have a big pile of clothes from newborn to 18 month old sizes)

And then I can stop freaking out and actually be excited about the big day.


Stina said...

don't worry about a diaper bag yet I say...I still don't have one, I just use big purses and add teh stuff I need to my purse, at the hospital you get a free little black one, and Taylor likes that if he's taking Alvin :)
Instead of new bras you could get a bra extender...it's a little piece of elastic that you hook on the back to make the bra wider...
And if Baby D does come early, borrow our carseat :) we have one in each car!
You're gonna be great!!!!

Laura said...

NEXT MONTH?! k fine, i'm sending your baby gift in the mail. i am still bummed i didn't see you when I was in Utah! you are wonderful.

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