Saturday, June 26, 2010

(not-so) Domestic Diva... and Inspector Kevs with some recent purchases

There are some things that I do, that I really hope people reading can learn from my mistakes. Lesson learned while Mr. D was away (thankfully, or I probably never would have heard the end of it)...
Dish soap is NOT the same as dishwashing detergent:
And my strawberry jam turned out pretty tasty... just really watery. 
And I have no idea why. But it looks pretty!
And the Kevs has a new favorite sleeping spot... 
under the crib in the baby tub. So weird.
We finally decided on a frame stroller (at least until next spring when I will again plead my case for a BOB jogger) and the Kevs was a good enough sport to try out the storage area not once but twice for pictures... luckily he is just under the maximum weight of 12 pounds :)
So overall, its been a really good week. And I finally got the house clean, even if it took me three hours (it used to take me 45 minutes).

1 comment:

Kana said...

Seems like you can go walk with your Kevs too! He is so unique... he is so excited meet little D :) Coming month! Already :D

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