Monday, June 21, 2010

not my most productive weekend

What I intended to do this past weekend:

Do Laundry.
Clean the house.
Finish 3 books I am still in the middle of.
Pack my hospital bag.
Work on lesson plans.

Aaaaand what I actually did:
Played watercolors with our adorable little neighbor.
(and attempted to keep the Kevs out of her water...which was a complete fail, as you can see)
Made (per request) a cookies and cream ice cream cake (on left, with oreos baked into it) and regular Oreo cake with Bananas for Big Brother Mike's birthday. And did a lot of floating in the pool--since it's unfair to say I swam, when I didn't. Too tired from all the cake eating.
And made baked Sweet Potato fries (with basil, olive oil and sea salt) before doing more napping. So good.
Hopefully your weekend was more productive than mine?
Off to start on that laundry...

1 comment:

anna. said...

mmm...oreo cakes and sweet potato french fries. do yummier foods exist? i would say no.

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