Friday, June 25, 2010

My Maternity Must-Haves

There is so much stuff everyone claims you need during your pregnancy. I've found out over the last few months that while some of it is essential, most of it is just a way to get you to unnecessarily spend way too much money.

So here is (what I would consider) my list of nine essentials to survive the craziest nine months of your life....
1. -Prenatal vitamins.
2. -Ice Water. I carry it around with me everywhere.
3. -Purse-size snacks.
4. -Either a pregnancy body pillow or about 5 large pillows you don't mind arranging around you nightly.
4. -A few pairs of Secret Fit Belly skirts and/or pants. A little pricey, but by far the greatest investment I have made to my maternity wardrobe.
5. -Multiple sizes of nursing bras (including a Bravado! brand one... I just got one and it is the most comfortable bra I've ever owned)
6. -Chapstic and Lotion. My skin has never been so dry.
7. -A decent mirror and scale. I, for one, do NOT like surprises (or being lied to by a scale that says I am 5 pounds lighter than I actually am) when it comes to my body and figure if I am going to cry about the "changes" it may as well be in the comfort of my own home and not in front of a total nurse-stranger while at the doctor's office.
8. -A good pair of (relatively new) running shoes. I only had mine a few months before I got pregnant, and since you are supposed to get running shoes a size or two bigger than your usual shoe size, they were the only shoes that have fit me in the last four months. Not to mention I think I started a new fashion trend combining running shoes and skirts...
9. -Neutral colored Flip Flops. Because even with the lack of arch support, you really can't get away with wearing running shoes to church.

And as a bonus, I would add Mr. D's pajama pants, L- and XL-sized Tshirts, and his basketball shorts.

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Lanie Gillespie said...

I completely agree with everything! The only thing I would add is either your husband's pajama pants or large sweat pants with a draw string. (i'm still wearing Jake's pants around the house because it's the only thing that my fits my huge bottom now lol)

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