Monday, June 21, 2010

My dad is always requesting artwork of me, and since cleaning out his office of all the accumulated kidstuffs (K-12) artwork over Spring Break, I figured he would like a little something new for Father's Day. I had some painted papers from a project awhile ago, so I collaged those on a little 8x10 canvas I had and used acrylics to do this little painting of my mom from her missionary days. The funny thing is that it looked nothing like her until I put the eyelashes on her. Go figure. I sure do have a beautiful mom and certainly a painting will never quite do her justice. But I'm thrilled my dad liked it AND its the first year ever that I remembered a holiday present and sent it in advance of the actual holiday for someone.
Isn't she lovely?


anna. said...

just love eyelashes. it makes all the kron girls look real.

skroner said...

GORGEOUS (: i lovelovelove this!
and i'm calling you tonight!

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