Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it is 6am and I am making macaroni and cheese

for breakfast.

I suppose I should file that under "you know you're pregnant when..."

But at least its better than my Sunday craving of cupcakes (thanks to Mr. D's new passion, watching the Food Network). And yes, I did go out and buy 2 cupcakes. And ate them both myself. I've learning with (my) cravings that they are even more satisfying when I take care of them myself. Like spending 20 minutes to make macaroni after only having 5 hours of sleep... and I swear it never tasted so good.

And, yes, I did eat the entire box.

Back to bed :)

1 comment:

siovhan said...

hahaha. okay so you switched your background and now it matches my friend sabrina's ... and i read the pregnant remark thinking it was her -- and FLIPPED.

it wasn't until i saw "mr. d" that i realized my problem! hahah.

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