Saturday, June 19, 2010


Being pregnant has brought all kinds of wonderful challenges... like laying awake in bed for hours not being able to sleep. In the morning, I can read in my new rocker Bananas and I put together earlier this week (picture to come soon), but in the middle of the night I am usually just left to toss and turn uncomfortably and do a lot of thinking. Last night I was thinking about the last few years and how I would sum them up.

2005- The year I met the love of my life.
2006- The year I convinced the love of my life to marry me. And I learned the true meaning of the term "Red Sox Widow."
2007- The year I got back into shape and re-discovered running, yoga, and became a total gym rat.
2008- The year of the Kevs and my very first garden.
2009- The year I graduated, got my dream job and ran a fabulously large amount of races. And got pregnant with my first child, of course!
2010- The year of a whole lot of wonderful changes on behalf of Baby D. Mostly a lot more spending on his behalf, but buying for him is much more fun than buying stuff for myself. We moved into a bigger apartment in a town I love, bought our first washer and dryer, and oh yeah today... we bought our second car today!!!

  • 10.31.09 5k @ 24:23
  • 10.24.09 5k @ 25:02
  • 09.26.09 5k @ 24:06.0 (won $10!)
  • 09.05.09 20k @ 1:58:17.9 (PR!)
  • 06.06.09 5k @ 22:55 (PR)
  • 05.30.09 5k @ 25:08.3
  • 04.04.09 20k @ 1:58.36
  • 03.14.09 10k @ 51:48.62 (PR)
  • 03.07.09 5k @ 25:13
  • 02.07.09 5k @ 24:44
  • 01.31.09 10k @ 55:44.4
  • 12.06.08 5K @ 25:40.0
  • 10.11.08 5k @ 27:49.9
  • 09.20.08 5k @ 26:11.0


Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

what kind of car did you get?! congrats!

Drew Dowling said...

What about 2009 being the year you got pregnant with your first child?

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