Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Doctor's Visit #9

I love that my Doctor started out our appointment with 
"Welcome to the longest month of your entire pregnancy."
Most of the following numbers will probably be meaningless jibberish to nearly everyone (and probably to me as well in a few months) but right now they feel like a big deal.

Since my last visit two weeks ago...
-I've gained 2.5 pounds (total up to 42.5 pounds)
-My uterus is at 36 cm (Baby D's growth is right on target... a centimeter a week)
-I'm dilated 1.5 cm (out of 10)
-I'm 70% effaced (out of 100)
-Baby D is officially head down and descending...or at least working on it. All that movement I've been seeing the last few weeks coming out my right side? His butt. :)

So what do all these numbers and statistics mean? The funny thing is, pretty much nothing as far as deciding when I'll go into labor, just that I am (we are?) making progress. And he mentioned something about how its good that I am so far effaced because waiting for that is what makes labor so long sometimes.

Bananas leaves for Ohio on Tuesday and will be back pretty much the same weekend my mom comes into town... so I'm okay with Baby D waiting at least two more weeks to make his appearance. But at least I did finally pack my hospital bag. :)


anna. said...

NO BABIES til i get back.

Lauren said...

wow - so close for you! I still feel far away. So where are the pics of the completed nursery?! dying to see them. :)

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