Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doctor's Visit #10

-I'm at 43 pounds (I think a half pound gained from last week?)
-Uterus is 37 centimeters (he just keeps growing!)
-Still dilated to a 1.5
-Now about 90% effaced ("Shorter labor, bla bla blah")
-Baby D is still head-down (a HUGE relief since he's been bruising my insides with all the moving the last few days) and at a -1 station (ranges from -5 to +5, with -5 being as far away from my you-know-what as possible, and a +5 meaning he's crowning/coming out)... so that means he's getting there.

And we set the induction date for July 26th. Which made me want to cry. It just made it seem so official that I am really going to be pregnant forever...or at least the entire month of July. Augh.

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