Saturday, June 12, 2010

a crazy (non-baby-related) night.

Update: The Robber came back a week later, our next door neighbors caught him trying to break into his house to collect some stuff he left behind and called the police, who arrested him and he's (hopfeully) behind bars now.
I knew something was up when I saw a police car parked across the street from our fourplex late last night before going to bed. Sure enough, at about midnight, we got a knock on the door and two officers informed Mr. D that they were dealing with a "situation" with one of our (non-rent-paying) neighbors, and they advised us to go somewhere else to sleep for the night.

So we headed over to an Aunt and Uncle's house, kind of puzzled as to what was going on. When we came back this morning, the neighbors living directly behind us (we'll call them the Davises) called us and told us what had happened: they had been out of town since Monday, came home last night and found out that their window had been pried open with a screwdriver and $4500 worth of stuff was stolen from their apartment...including guns. Our non-rent paying neighbor was suspect #1 and it seemed that he had skipped town, but I guess the cops were hoping he would come back last night. They were able to recover everything that was stolen from a nearby pawn shop, except the guns. Hence the need for us to leave last night "just in case" things escalated. Why people keep guns in their homes to "protect" themselves is about as beyond my understanding as smoking is.

So, a crazy night. And deepest apologies to poor Bananas, who I think now realizes we live in the ghetto :)

But on the plus side, we bought our car seat (finally) yesterday. Graco Snugride 35. (Thank you for the advice, Mrs. Hamilton!!) Isn't it darling? I am still struggling over what stroller to buy... I really just want to get my BOB jogging stroller and skip getting the traditional one. We'll see.

Also, red raspberries are on sale this week at Sunflower Market... 88 cents! Bananas bought 4 containers for me and I can't wait to get started on them :) Enjoy your weekend... bathing suit picture is tomorrow!

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Rachael said...

Yay for getting a carseat!!! The brunswick fabric is adorable. The Literider stroller in Pippen fabric would match it pretty well too. It's a little smaller than the metrolite.

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