Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catching you up with the last week.

So this is the "Baby D" half of our bedroom. The only thing missing is the glider and ottoman (already ordered) that will go in my closet on the left...which you may notice is half-full of hanging baby clothes. My few clothes that I have hanging are the handful that still fit me, as I've put all of the stuff that doesn't fit anymore into temporary storage. Less trying on stuff thats too small and crying that way :) 
The changing table a friend gave me, so I painted it brown (it was white) and bought all the little square baskets so we wouldn't have to buy a dresser. The four circle time paintings I did on those little canvases will obviously not stay on the changing table, but I'll probably hang them above the changing table eventually.
Baby D's crib, complete with rediculous amounts of blankets, my Boppy and Baby D's soon-to-be-best-friends: Red Sox musical bear (that plays "take me out to the ballgame") from Mama Rica, Build-a-Bear from Uncle D-K, and little puppy from Me!
Auntie Bananas painted this fabulous wall in her/Baby D's room... SUCH a HUGE improvement from those nasty sponge-painted red and blue stars. She did AWESOME. I love the color soo much.
And I know this is a little blurry (it was the only way I could avoid the flash), but my friend Casey taught me how to do vinyl, so I did Baby D's name on a photo frame with pictures of Mr. D and I.

So... that was what I did over the last week when I wasn't swimming or sleeping: purchasing, painting, organizing, re-organizing. perfecting etc. Consider yourself caught up. :)


skroner said...

ahhh i love it!! especially the picture thing of you and drew (: love love love it. can't wait to see it in person in just a couple months!

Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

You have been so busy girl! I'm so excited for everything to come together and to see the little guy!

naomi said...

that really cracked me up - i too tried on pre pregnancy stuff when i wad 30+ weeks out of curiosity and was astonished. you're gonna be back in those skinny jeans in no time

Stina said...

sorry, I can't find your email so here are links for the extenders :)

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