Thursday, May 13, 2010

waddle waddle waddle waddle

quack quack quack.
Doctor Visit #6:
-Waited an hour for my Doctor, who never came because he ended up delivering not one but TWO babies.
-Found out I tested positive for Group Strep B (Not a big deal, just means that I have to be IV'd antibiotics during labor to keep from passing it onto Baby D....although Mr. D did turn to me in the car afterwards and asked, jokingly, "So...when were you going to tell me you had Herpes?")
-My Uterus is 31 centimeters. Thats over a foot!
-I officially waddle when I walk. Seriously. Its hysterical, I am sure. I have tried to stop but to no avail.
-Baby D still has a (much louder!) heartbeat
-Baby D's home (me) has gained 35 pounds.
-Dr's visits will be every two weeks from now on!
-Almost 9 weeks to go!

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