Saturday, May 01, 2010

On my mind this morning

 I feel this compulsive (possibly even panicked??) need to start buying.
hmm. I think I've officially entered my nesting phase.


Cheri said...

There's a BIT too much matching in that nursery picture. Love the geometric shapes, but not ALL the same.

Rachael said...

Ruth, I probably should not have opinions, but having worked at Babies R Us for so long, I beg you to please reconsider on the travel system you posted. Evenflo is the worst of the American brands. I personally suggest Chicco because it is tested at higher safety standards, but really, anything other than Evenflo is good. They have a tendency to release from the base while the car is in motion due to the spring loaded safety latch. Sorry for the long comment and disregard this if you are in love with Evenflo. I'm so excited for your little boy to get here. P.S. I have a present for you. We were in Zion's the day of your shower.

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