Thursday, May 13, 2010

in utah, we celebrate mother's day on saturday.

"After seeing you many times already, I still can't believe your pregnant. I've never had a pregnant sister before, so I'll need to get used to it."
-DK, my 11 year old brother, in my (first!) mother's day card.

Almost a week late, I finally remembered to post this!
My mother's day gift to me (us): a 7am cinnamon french toast run at Kneader's with this hottie (and fellow mama) right here to discuss yummy things like childbirth.

Heaven. :)


Debbie said...

Wow, this is random, but I clicked on the link, and I don't know the girl in the picture, but I know her husband. He was a chem major with me at BYU. small world!

skroner said...

we keep talking about plans for going out to utah and stuff and you having a baby and i think i've just decided that i'll just let it set it once i see you holding your little bundle of D.

which i can't wait for by the way (:

p.s. i'll be in provo alllll year come august in case you need a babysitter (;

miss you!

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