Monday, May 24, 2010

harry potter in my classroom?

Today was our last day to take attendance/get grades in.
Most of today, I have had to practice some serious yoga breath to calm myself down and keep from snapping at them witty retorts as to why "NO, you do NOT have an 'A.' And NO, at this point, there is nothing you can do to make up those points."...these kids were driving  me NUTS!

And then I get this email, in the middle of class that student M is supposed to be in:

Why hello my favorite art teacherrr.
This is obviously M.
And I am actually in class right now, I just happen to be wearing an invisibility cloak.
So you just can't see me, but I'm here.
So you can just mark me here!
Ahhh thanks woman
I knew I've always liked you.
Have a good summer!
Don't miss me and C too much

-M (Who is really in class, not at home)

And I realize I actually have some pretty hilariously intelligent students. And that makes up for the rest of them.


skroner said...

i LOVE this. ahahha.
where was the student then?
as in.. how did they e-mail that to you if they were really in class..?

Andrea said...


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