Wednesday, May 26, 2010

32 weeks

Breathing and eating at the same time while seated has posed a new challenge I was not expecting.

Baby D is moving around nicely and walking around has started to give me false labor contractions a few times a day. They don't hurt at all, it just feels like a ton of pressure/tightening in my uterus and throws my balance forward, more so then usual. Don't worry, I am taking it easy and still taking my daily 2 hour naps...mostly because it helps relieve my lower back pain.

I guess I am pretty lucky to only have to wake up once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I've heard some horror stories about going multiple times.... I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Crib and Mattress (compliments of my fabulous parents!!) are coming in tomorrow! I am so excited to see Mr. D put it up.


siovhan said...

YOU LOOK GREAT!!! oh you're the cutest pregnant lady ever.

Stina said...

LUCKY! I was getting like three times a night and like every hour during the day!!! You do look great! can't wait to see the baby's crib up and the baby's room :)

skroner said...

you are so so so big! i second siovhan.. YOU ARE THE CUTEST PREGGERS WOMAN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

slash i'm finally reading the last twilight book and needless to say, even if baby d is growing a TON, i'm glad he's growing slow and not as fast as bella's baby seems to be (:

..i clearly haven't read for fun in awhile.

ps i saw baby faith today and i know i'm like writing my life story to you on your blog right now but i just can't wait to see YOUR baby D and hold him and be his aunt etc etc etc (:

Laura said...

how is it that your belly is the only thing that gains weight? I pray to have your body when i'm pregnant some day in the distant future.

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