Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've been up since 5am this morning.
Because I have a certain someBODY who will not allow me to sleep in and have breakfast later than we usually do during the week. Oh, the joys of pregnancy :)

Speaking of which, I have a confession to make: 16 and Pregnant on MTV is just about one of my favorite "guilty pleasure" shows to watch. For anyone who hasn't seen it, a camera crew follows around a slew of 16 year old girls through their pregnancies as they figure out high school, becoming a mom, and dealing with the white-trash/deadbeat babydaddy (typically another 16 year old). Why do I watch this show when all it does is show how unprepared 16 year olds are for parenthood? Because it makes me feel better about myself. Seriously. I could list off a million reasons why I am better qualified as a mother than these accidental "babies having babies," but when it comes right down to it, unlike these girls, I: 
1) Am a high school graduate.
2) Am also a college graduate
3) Am in a stable relationship with a significant other (which I personally define as marriage) who is also a high school and college graduate.
4) Have a full-time job and am able to financially support myself, as does aforementioned significant other.
5) [And most importantly] Have a well-defined understanding of who I am as a person. In other words, I have discovered and pursued (through trial and error) those things that interest me the most, and have evolved a sense of self-worth that is wholly based on me as an individual, independent of anyone and anything else.

I recently found out one of my 16 year old students is pregnant...and not necessarily on accident. WHAT?! When I was 16, all I thought about were really superficial things like getting really tan, staying skinny, shopping, buying clothes, going on vacations, and of course, boys... but only so that I could not have to pay to go to the movies, and could spend that money instead on shopping and tanning. :)
(Balsa foam art and haiku compliments of one of my non-pregnant students) 
I can't say that as a teenager the thought EVER crossed my mind of "Gee, I would love to start a family before I finish high school." That is so sad. I barely feel fully prepared to have this little guy and I am almost 10 years wiser older than this student.

So I guess what I really want to say, is thanks to my parents. For raising my sisters and I in such a way that we all made through high school (and 2 of 3 so far through college) in one piece. The children that we eventually have will benefit SO much from having educated, intelligent mothers [who take after their own mother, of course!]. And I am so grateful for this job I was blessed to stumble upon nearly a year ago, where these students teach me every day things that will help me become a better parent.


A Little Sass said...

Love this post! It is SO true. And yes, I have watched this show .. and yes it is a guilty pleasure ... because yes it does make you feel REALLY good about yourself! Don't think I don't make out loud comments to the TV about how stupid the "kids" on the show are! Poor babies!

skroner said...

hahahaha. you WOULD watch 16 and preggers. but i love your reasons (: they're all completely true!

you're just so smart and just so smart sometimes (: you're gonna be a great mama!

Mandy said...

Having been 16 AND pregnant, I can say that you are correct on all counts.

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