Wednesday, May 26, 2010

150 pounds is...?

...a lot.
...within 12 pounds-ish of how much Mr. D weighs. much I currently weigh.

correct answer: all of the above.

Dr's visit #7 went smoothly. I actually guessed my weight accurately for the first time, so that was kind of cool. My (and Baby D's) growth seems to have stabilized to a "normal" rate, which is good, since initially, my goal was to stay under 150 (obviously that one's out the window), and now its to at least not weigh more than Mr. D...not because he's fat, but because he's nearly a FOOT taller than me. I think (knock on wood) I am safe on that second goal. But we shall see.

We put up the crib today, but I'll wait to post pictures till we get the bedding put together on Friday!

For the time being, here is my self-portrait of the semester for sculpture.. I actually really like it. Its a prego runner made of plaster, painted, and scattered at my feet are old running bibs... I can't believe its been over six months since I last ran a race. It feels like a lifetime ago.

1 comment:

Drew Dowling said...

I'll take it as a compliment that you said you are within 12 pounds-ish of me because it's more like 22 pounds-ish. I guess I just hold my weight's because I suck in every time I see you.

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