Saturday, April 10, 2010

The week-long Baby Shower

My crafty mother and I (with a little help from DK) 
made the cutest I spy bags!
One for our little guy, and the other two for my cousin's kids! SO fun.
And we got to visit with my Grandma one more time 
before I left (P.S. I think that shirt makes me look HUGE!)
Well, everything's packed and I've officially done everything on my "to do" list... I can't believe I am going back to "the real world" tomorrow (and then work on Monday!)...but its been SUCH a good vacation. My parents have been amazing and it really, truly has been like a week-long Baby Shower: I've been showered with love, attention 24/7, and presents galore... Baby D and I have been SO spoiled. This could not have been a more perfect week with my parents and DK, and now we begin the countdown until they come out for A's graduation a week from Wednesday!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Are you naming your son benjamin or is that your your cousin?

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