Wednesday, April 07, 2010

wed nes day (three)

Tuesday night/Wednesday consisted of belated Easter egg decorating, 
the first thunderstorm of 2010 (which coaxed my mom's lovely tulips out),
Getting our hairs cut at Charles Penzone Grand Salon... and Meeting Mr. Penzone himself!!
Mom and I made our Baby D's first blanket :) She did the cutting and I did the tying,
We finished the night making dinner, complete with Mr. D's infamous homemade oreos (or Oreo cakesters as DK called them) of 1 pkg devil's food cake + 2 eggs + 1/2 c. shortening @ 350' (for 9 minutes in Ohio, 7-8 in Utah):
Baby D's wardrobe continues to grow with each friend and family member we visit in between all this craziness :) For such a tiny 13-inch, nearly 2 pound boy, he is certainly blessed...and maybe just a little spoiled already!

1 comment:

skroner said...

LOVE the blanket! little dusty is going to be so super spoiled.

+ what an attractive little kiddo we have for a younger brother, eh? (;

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