Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sometimes Wimpy Kids are the very best kind of kids

DK and I saw "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" last night... if you ever realized what a joke middle school is ("They should really place people in grades according to height...but that would mean that some kids would forever be in the kindergarden"), you would really enjoy this goofy little movie. I think if we were in the movie based on looks alone, DK would be pencil-thin Greg and I would be rolly-polly Rowley :) The movie can be summed up in this little interaction:
Rowley: "My mom told me to just be myself, and people would like me."
Greg: "That would be good advice, if you were somebody else."
Such a funny movie, with a really good message...that in middle school, kids are cruel. And its a 24/7 fight to stay on the top of the social ladder. But in the end, what really matters is that you be yourself. Kind of cheesy, but don't get me started on "The Cheese Touch..."
DK is one of the most amazing and talented kids I know. Even if there were some things I would LOVE him to do (like eat a fruit or vegetable every once in awhile), I've realized that he is really an incredible person... super spiritual, very sweet and sensitive to the needs of others, CRAZY smart and artistic and just so full of life. DK is a kid who really loves life, and that really shines through him. I can't wait for Baby D to meet his uncle DK. He'll be a great example for him.

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skroner said...

just love this and just love this (: and you! i love how in every picture there's someone holding/touching your stomach.. or you are. hahaha.
don't forget to get a picture with papa (: + take advantage of taking pictures with mama! we don't have enough of her since she tends to like being the photographer more than the photographed. and she's so gorgeous looking and young still so we've gotta make sure we capture that in hopes we'll stay looking that young down the road (;

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