Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ruler for a Day!

My good friend (and fellow BYU grad and Red Sox Afficionado) Siovhan, featured me on her blog,, as "Ruler for a Day." She is a hilarious blogger, SUPER cute, and has always been one of my favorites bloggers to, she dubbed me the title of "Red Sox Mama," which I love. Here's a copy of the post, but I definately suggest checking out her blog...someday mine will look as cute as hers. Thanks, Siovhan, for totally making my day!!

I met my dear friend Ruth through her adorable husband Drew. Drew and I were in the same program at BYU and he's from Boston, instant connection. THEN I met Ruth. I love this freaking lady. She's funny, smart, REALLY creative and artistic, determined, and one heck of a runner to boot. Plus she's gonna be a momma soon!! Yay new rex soxian!

Ruth said:

1. I am married to Drew Dowling , conosseur of all things New England and Red Sox.
2. I have the best job in the world...teaching art to high schoolers!
3. I ran a race every month for 13 months straight, including 2 half marathons.
4. I can rock curly AND straight hair.
5. I graduated BYU with one major in the time it took Anna to graduate with two :) (wait, I guess that would be why SHE rocks!)
6. I AM growing a little human being inside of me :)
7. I LOVE reading... and am almost always in the process of reading at least 3 books.
8. I have a cat that plays fetch.
9. Did I mention Drew Dowling? Best decision I ever made.
10. I'm half Chilean. That means, yes, I can understand my students who mutter spanish expletives under their breath :) 

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