Wednesday, April 14, 2010

random baby thoughts

Dear Baby D,
I am sorry my torso is so can blame that on your grandma and grandpa. I know that you barely have room to move around now, seeing as how you are about 14 inches long and weigh almost two pounds...but is that really a reason to constantly be stabbing me with those pointy elbows and knees of yours?? You will have all the space in the world in just a few short months, I promise.

I am thrilled that your little acrobatics seem to entertain Mr. D and the Kevs as they watch the rippling of my tummy. But sometimes I'm worried you're not getting enough sleep!

Also, people keep asking me lately what you've been making me crave... unfortunately, the answer is EVERYTHING!! I have never felt so hungry so often in my whole life. Its a very strange feeling to be eating until you can't eat anymore, but you are still hungry! Hopefully that means you are growing a lot.

Also, I have to apologize for what a terrible day it has been today...your poor little developing eardrums. I can feel you jumping at the sound of the fire alarm that has gone off not once, but twice today at school, for "safety drills." I am praying you aren't going deaf.

So...keep growing and don't come too late... your mom is not sure how much more weight she is going to be able to bear before she topples over! We'll be spending a lot of time going on runs this fall, I can already tell.

Your daddy and I love you SO much...and so does the Kevs, even if he steps (and sometimes stands) on you every morning to try to say hello to me. I am sure you two will be the best of friends. We still have a whole other trimester to go, so please keep growing and don't hurt me too much on the way out, okay?

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