Saturday, April 17, 2010

my little wiggler

My sweet sisters (with the assistance of Mr. D's Aunt and cousins) threw me the GREATEST BABY SHOWER EVER this afternoon....quite a feat, since A (who was spearheading the whole operation) has been in Vegas for a conference the last few days, is prepping for graduation in less than a week, and got to bed at 4am this morning before waking up at 8am to start the Baby Shower Prep!! I cannot tell you how much I love my sisters. "To infinity and beyond" would certainly be a start. I'll post pics just as soon as I get them (since everyone else was taking pictures and still needs to get them to me) but it was SO nice to be surrounded by that many family and friends and to get so many lovely gifts for our spoiled little guy! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came (and a bunch of people who wanted to but couldn't come but I know would have loved to be were there in spirit!!).

Here's a little email I got from my dad today that made me just well up with tears:

I hope that you had a nice baby shower today (and that you are "nice and clean" now). 

This morning I read in my journal from 25 years ago.  On April 16, 1985 your mother had her first sonogram and saw you wiggling around and writing on the walls of your mother's tummy.  It's ironic that 25 years later you have your own little wiggler doing cave drawings in your belly.
I love you and look forward to seeing you again in a few days! 


So. Cool.

Today I feel so very lucky. And happy. And loved.

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Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

Hey girl- SOOOO sorry I couldn't be there. I totally wish I could get out to Utah but it is so hard with work and school. I'll see you sometime though, hopefully when your baby boy is still teeny tiny! Love ya and I'm glad your baby shower went well.

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