Wednesday, April 07, 2010

in a Flash (broadcast)

Mine's the blondie on the right.
Mr. D did win his intramural game last night (!!) and if they win on Saturday, they will go on to the Championship co-ed soccer game!!  Baby D was moving around last night, but as soon as Mr. D called and started talking to me on the phone, he went nuts! Kicking, punching, whatever he's doing in there, he wanted to make his presence known. And tonight, Mr. D was doing play-by-play for the Utah Flash, which we are fortunate to listen to/watch online, and I swear to you that as soon as we could hear Mr. D start his broadcast, it felt like Baby D was going to break out of my abdomen!! That boy knows his daddy. His smart, witty, and incredibly talented daddy... we're so proud of you, Mr. D! You sounded great tonight.


siovhan said...

dude how tall is that other guy?!! drew is tall--but come on. wow.

and congrats on the intramural game!

skroner said...

you need to watch this.


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