Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Kevs!

If you don't know the story of how our little Kevs came into our family by no small miracle (and how I literally helped bring him into this world), it was one of my first posts HERE. His first birthday in 2009 has some more pictures HERE. I know we will never, ever have a pet quite like this guy, mostly because I cannot ever imagine Mr. D allowing another pregnant cat into our home again...once was enough. So while I am sure most of you think it's a little silly to be celebrating the birthday of a cat (or any animal for that matter), it was pretty big deal for us, being the first being we took care of and raised from birth.

Over the last year, The Kevs has by some miracle adapted to a new home, learned to drink out of the toilet or his drinking fountain (instead of every faucet he could find), become a total affectionate little booger, made two girlfriends, killed a lizard in front of our very eyes, and literally perfected the art of "catch." In a nutshell...he is hysterical. And I love him SO much. I can't wait for Baby D to meet him, since we know he will probably recognize the Kevs' purring from the womb (as Kevs is usually laying across my belly in the mornings). For being "just a cat," he really lights up my life.


naomi said...

That is crazy you were there when he was born! No wonder you're his mum. Happy Birthday Kevs! Also, your arms looks great! And I've easily gained 40+lbs so you have a lonnnng way to go to catch up with me haha xx

skroner said...

(: just love the kevs!

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