Monday, April 05, 2010

First full day in the homeland :)

After (waking up at 6am and) visiting with (stealing ideas from) my favorite high school art teacher, Mom and I went to Panera....mmm. And then did!! We will be doing a few little crafty adventures in the next day or so, but I won't spoil the surprise till they're done and I can post pictures. Then it was off to Babies 'R' Us, where she helped me do some more registry scanning and then we purchased a few select items. I love to see how excited my parents and siblings are about Baby is palpably contagious. DK is constantly cupping his hand on my belly to feel Baby D, even though he kicked for everyone yesterday. Also, I am not allowed to lift anything here (not even my own backpack!) and I am told to go take an afternoon nap. What a hard life :) The weather today was in the 70's (perfect) and smelled so fresh and damp. Tonight we are having my first thunderstorm in years... I can't believe I am saying this, but I am loving the humidity and actually miss it. I have the greatest family, and while its a shame I can only spend a week out here, I am enjoying every moment while it lasts!
Just so you know, it is near impossible for me to walk by a closed window without thinking about this: 
Or flush a toilet without thinking about this:

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