Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Body,

Well, I am going to be completely up front and honest with you. The next six months are going to be quite a challenge. You are (probably) going to get quite a bit bigger, and then of course, Baby D will be moving out (finally). Now, I am not promising we will be back to pre-baby body by November (that goal will be reserved for June 2011 in time for running the San Diego Rock 'N Roll Marathon), but I certainly promise to do everything in my power to take advantage of late summer/early fall harvest time and buy lots of good, healthy food until we can start running again...which will be a glorious day indeed. I'll be sure to celebrate with a brand spanking new pair of running shoes--and I won't even look at the pricetag!

We've been through running hundreds of miles and put in thousands of workout hours BBD (before baby D), so I am pretty sure we can do this whole baby thing. The important thing is to not get too discouraged every time we look in the mirror and see just a shadow (but a very large shadow) of Mrs. D. that can barely fit into what is left of even the larger sizes of maternity clothes.

In 4 short weeks, school will be out, and Summer will have officially started. That means you can spend all morning in (men's size basketball) shorts and a tshirt and all afternoon floating in the pool in your new swimsuit....heaven.

The end is near. It will come sooner than you know it. So for the time being, just enjoy your time with Mr. D all to yourself. And don't be afraid to do a little more yoga. Its good for you.

Mrs. D

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