Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break To Do List.

In no particular order....
1. Lunch and Shopping with Mom
2. Go on a walk with Dad
3. Have lunch at school with DK
4. Visit with Grandma, Parsons', Fuentes', and Parkus'
5. Movie: Diary of a Whimpy Kid with DK! (Followed, of course, by a visit to the Pet Store)
6. Greater's Ice Cream (baby D is just doing flips thinking about this one!)
7. Visit old high school and favorite art teacher to steal some assignment ideas!
8. Visit old high school friends Kathryn and Maria
9. Haircut with Mom
10. "I Spy DIY Bag" with DK and Mom (one each for cousins Faith and Benjamin, and one for our little D)

PS Both my sisters felt baby D kick last night at dinner :) What a thrill! Tomorrow is checkup #4 at the Doctor's and without having a PhD myself, I think I can confidently say he is getting bigger... and stronger!

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