Monday, March 22, 2010

Point of Comparison.

Last Sunday we had cousin Madison's farewell, and in talking with cousin Missy (below) I realized that although she is about two inches taller than me, she weighs right now as much as I did before I got pregnant! I don't think I ever looked that skinny, but you can certainly see how 5 months of baby has changed me!
This new body has certainly taken some getting used to...between fierce kicking from within at 3am and attempting to put on shoes, stork-style without hurting myself, I have finally accepted that my body is just different right now. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of long runs and intense weight lifting sessions, I have been revelling in yoga, pilates, and "running" on the elliptical. Its forced me to slow down a little.  Even as the storage of clothes that no longer fit me gets increasingly larger by the day, the (not-always-so-)gentle nudging of our little Baby D is a constant reminder of why I am the way that I am right now. I may not be a super running mommy like I was hoping for (thank you, kid in one of my classes who gave me the never ending cold last semester, putting me out of working out for 2 months and effectively destroying my 3 years of built up fitness), I am healthy and happy. And what more can a girl ask for??


skroner said...

babies everywhereeeeeee!
but maybe just dustin for right now (: sososososo happy i felt him kick last night! ahhhh!! (:

you're going to be an amazing mama!

Drew Dowling said...

You look great in this picture and hopefully you realized that "realized" is spelled with a 'z' and not an 's'

Maskmario10 said...


You keep forgetting that you are pregnant. It's OK to have a big belly when you are pregnant. You just have to get it off when you are done.

anna. said...

sheesh ruth. just get it off when you are done, okay?!

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