Sunday, March 28, 2010

maternity clothes dilemma and FLASH game with Brianne!

After months of frugal protesting, my wardrobe has finally boiled down to only one (!!!) pair of pants that fit my "blossoming" waistline (and matching booty). So I finally went maternity clothes shopping (dun dun dunnnn). For those of you who have never been before, yes, it will be one of the worst shopping experiences of your life. It was like looking into a sea (well, the selection is usually so small it should really be referred to as a baby pool) of tent-like mumu's and "maternity" jeans that make your stomach cringe just by looking at them (heaven forbid you should actually have to try on a pair!). These clothing designers have obviously never been pregnant....certainly a rough enough time as it is with a ballooning body does NOT need to be highlighted by oversized (and overpriced) brightly colored hawaiian patterned shirts (tents). Contrasting that are the designer "maternity skinny jeans" where the waistline is about 20x the size of the legholes....puh-leeez. I suppose what I am trying to get across is that most maternity clothing is UGLY. There, I said it. And while I wish I could just wear my "regular" clothes to avoid the rigourous hours of pointless shopping (a few stores I went into didn't even HAVE a maternity section... in UTAH. what?!), there was one store that put my sour shopping mood into total bliss.

...Thank you, Macy's. Between the Pea in a Pod and Motherhood Maternity clothing lines, I was in heaven trying stuff on (whereas I was more in the opposite place during the earlier hours of the afternoon). Literally 15 minutes after walking into Macy's, I was slightly poorer but on cloud nine, elated with my purchases of Secret Fit Belly pants and skirt, and even a summer dress for A's graduation/Emmett's wedding weekend in less than a month [Pictures to come as soon, I promise]. Sure, maybe some girls can get away with wearing "regular" clothes for all 9 (10) months of their pregnancy, but they should really consider themselves lucky. Because, you see, I still have 4 long months of growing to look forward to :)

And speaking of being a mommy, I had a much needed girl's night out with former neighbor B last night (if luck holds out, our babies will share the same birthday, a year apart!) at the Utah Flash game... we had some Jamba, great seats, and a lot of girltalk!! It was the perfect way to start off the weekend :) So fun... we will have to do it again sometime soon!!

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