Thursday, March 18, 2010

Losing my mind.

I found the paintings. There were only 6 of them that I just misplaced in another class period's pile.
So I suppose I am not losing my mind too badly, after all :)
Baby boy... WHY are you doing this to me?!

I have LOST 35 paintings. Yeah, an entire class' assignment that they worked on all last class period. GONE. No idea where they could be.

As airheaded as I usually am, this certainly takes the cake. The Pregnancy Brain seems to have worked overtime  this week... and I am now suffering the consequences. I blame it on lack of sleep... namely no naps this week longer than 20 minutes. But seriously... how do I loose such a huge stack of large paintings?! I have looked over my classroom 3 times over, leaving and coming back in to see if I can remember, and... nothing.

I'm going to go paint. Hopefully I find them before class tomorrow...


Stina said...

PS. part of pregnancy brain is just looking past the obvious, have someone with fresh eyes take a look!

Stina said...

Maybe it was the janitor???

Laura said...

phewwwww! i'm so glad you found them Ruth!

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