Wednesday, March 03, 2010

In between...

I am in this terribly awkward phase in pregnancy where I stretch out (a very unsightly thing) all of my regular clothes, but the maternity clothes I have are a little too... tent-like for my liking. Big but not big enough I guess. Just in between. I suppose in a few months I'll just be complaining that nothing fits me so I should enjoy fitting into pre-prego clothes while it lasts

And I have been thinking a LOT about this baby... probably because its constant movements seem to demand a certain "pay attention to me NOW" factor. Less than a week till we know (hopefully) for sure! Needless to say, I would be SO happy with either gender... I truly just want to have a happy, healthy baby.

Reasons why I want it to be/think its a boy:
-I would LOVE a replica of Mr. D as a baby... a darling (chubby) blonde baby with dimples
-The majority of my friends/family think its a boy (yes, I've polled them!)
-I know Mr. D really really wants a boy... and I want him to be happy
-I love boys. And the color blue. And I've heard dealing with boys is much easier (less hormones?) ... and less maintenance :)
-Little boys are so so so stinking cute in mini-suits on Sundays :) And our boy will for sure be wearing one EVERY Sunday just like his Uncle DK did/does

Reasons why I want it to be/think its a girl:
-I love love love our girl name we have picked out and just feel like it will be a girl?
-As the firstborn daughter, I love the bonding (and shopping!) that came along with being firstborn to my mom and would love to have that experience
-My cousin, Brisley, who is closest in age to me is having a girl in May, and I would love our little one to have a close "big sister" relationship with her second cousin like I had with her.
-Baby girl accessories are the cutest. Headbands, dresses, jewelery....
-I just know girls so much better. And understand them. And I love my sisters...something about girly bonding


skroner said...

for the record,

Lauren said...

It's a boy. It has to be a boy! :)

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