Friday, March 26, 2010

the baby daddy

When I wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream and take care of the cat sitting outside our apartment in the blistering snow, back in 2008, Mr. D obliged to my wishes and Lucy became our first pet.

When Lucy got pregnant and had kittens, under my convincing, Mr. D allowed me to let them stay in our home until they got big enough to go outside, even though he was (is) terribly allergic to cats.

When we gave away Lucy and her kittens, Mr. D let us keep The Kevs.

When I wanted to spend money to run a race every month for a year, Mr. D supported me and even came to (nearly) every race.

When I knew I was ready and wanted to start having kids (it took him a few weeks but) Mr. D eventually agreed that we were ready.

When I wanted to move to be closer to work because I said I would walk to work, Mr. D found the perfect little apartment for us and moved all our stuff out here.

When decided it was too cold (and dark) to walk in the mornings, Mr. D let me take the car to work, even if most days he would have to walk (in sometimes blizzard-like conditions, like today!) to pick up at the car from where I parked it.

When A was left with limited options for her living situation, Mr. D, without hesitation, let her stay with us.

When I wanted a washer and dryer, Mr. D scoured the surrounding areas, picking out a perfect pair, even though he could have easily told me we would just keep doing laundry at family members' homes like we had been doing for the last few years.

When I suddenly got a craving for Graeter's ice cream a few months back (and threatened to ship some pints here from Ohio), Mr. D graciously offered to fly me home for my Spring Break, so I could freely partake of said ice cream. (8 days!!)

And today, when I only had a half hour for lunch (and was too forgetful to remember to bring anything to eat), Mr. D battled through the swarms of high schoolers to visit with me and bring me Bajio's.

Either I am very persuasive (highly unlikely), or I have the best companion I could dream of asking for.

Mr. D just got an email this week from some media-related guy in Idaho (who the Flash were playing) while he was doing the play-by-play broadcast for the Utah Flash, saying that he is "The best commentator they've had." DUH. Well, I guess I know that and maybe A knows that, but I certainly hope that shows Mr. D that he should know that. He is hardworking, thoughtful, and just overall incredible. And I really don't tell him that enough. But I know he reads my blog (sometimes) and want to make sure he knows. And I hope our son ends up with all of his qualities.


Laura said...

that's an adorable picture of you two :) I love you guys.

skroner said...

love this post. (: you two are just so perfect for each other sometimes and just so perfect. i can't wait to see how he is when baby d comes along (((:

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