Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tomorrow is april...and that means bathing suit season is upon us!!!!


Even though I thought I would not even worry about getting into "swimsuit" shape this year, Mr. D showing me bikinis he was looking at for me in the Victoria's Secret catalog made me think otherwise... and NO, I will NOT be getting into a bikini while prego (I'm not sure who would want to see my stretched out, pasty white tummy other than Mr. D), but it did make me think about everything else that has been getting bigger (thighs and booty) and my desire to do (attempt) some swimming in public to keep me sane in the summer when I know I won't be able to do much else. I need help...What will I wear?! 

So, after bravely searching for hours online, I have narrowed my options to these two tankinis. And I am planning on going swimsuit trying-on shopping sometime in the next week or so, to have one "just in case" for when we go down to California for a wedding at the end of next month. Unfortunately, one of these two lovely options is $150 (the other is $24), but I don't want to let that sway you...which one would be cuter? Or, if you know where I can find some kind of cute bathing number, let me know!!! I am desperate for options!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i heart my sister

Hmmm whats in that tree up there? 
Oh, a "New Baby Boy" Balloon that Bananas bought for us weeks ago but it got blown away (and potentially gone forever) until now! :) It really IS the though that counts, my little sister! must be spring because today was in the 60's and our (only) flower has officially blossomed... I will have to get some more flowers planted soon so it doesn't get lonely!

just like bananas... My March in 30 words

exhausted.distracted. humbled. anxious. overwhelmed. accomplished. tired. impressed. BOY! sugar. grading. hungry. dustin. farewell. inspired. blur. blossoming. cougars. chores. baseball. kicks. water. relief. sick. tired. bonding. shopping! warm. oreos. cute. insomnia.
I finally made the switch from 24hour to the Rec Center right by my house...and went last night to my first "traditional yoga" class, which I thought would be like every other yoga class I have taken over the last 8 years. I was wrong. But I really liked it. It was a lot more thinking and meditating and something the instructor kept repeating over and over again really resonated with me:
"Feel the changes going on inside of you. With every deliberate movement you make, feel what is going on inside of your body. How does it feel? Embrace the changes going on inside of your body."

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kevin Garnett Burger! and 24 weeks

Mr. D found this AMAZING recipe on the food network channel for the "Kevin Garnett Burger." How could we NOT try it?! It was basically a burger with chilli on it--SO good! We will have to do it again sometime soon (and get bigger buns to hold all the chilli next time!).

I Spy for the DK

I spy with my little eye...someone sleeping under our bathroom sink.
See you in a week, DK and parentals! :)

maternity clothes dilemma and FLASH game with Brianne!

After months of frugal protesting, my wardrobe has finally boiled down to only one (!!!) pair of pants that fit my "blossoming" waistline (and matching booty). So I finally went maternity clothes shopping (dun dun dunnnn). For those of you who have never been before, yes, it will be one of the worst shopping experiences of your life. It was like looking into a sea (well, the selection is usually so small it should really be referred to as a baby pool) of tent-like mumu's and "maternity" jeans that make your stomach cringe just by looking at them (heaven forbid you should actually have to try on a pair!). These clothing designers have obviously never been pregnant....certainly a rough enough time as it is with a ballooning body does NOT need to be highlighted by oversized (and overpriced) brightly colored hawaiian patterned shirts (tents). Contrasting that are the designer "maternity skinny jeans" where the waistline is about 20x the size of the legholes....puh-leeez. I suppose what I am trying to get across is that most maternity clothing is UGLY. There, I said it. And while I wish I could just wear my "regular" clothes to avoid the rigourous hours of pointless shopping (a few stores I went into didn't even HAVE a maternity section... in UTAH. what?!), there was one store that put my sour shopping mood into total bliss.

...Thank you, Macy's. Between the Pea in a Pod and Motherhood Maternity clothing lines, I was in heaven trying stuff on (whereas I was more in the opposite place during the earlier hours of the afternoon). Literally 15 minutes after walking into Macy's, I was slightly poorer but on cloud nine, elated with my purchases of Secret Fit Belly pants and skirt, and even a summer dress for A's graduation/Emmett's wedding weekend in less than a month [Pictures to come as soon, I promise]. Sure, maybe some girls can get away with wearing "regular" clothes for all 9 (10) months of their pregnancy, but they should really consider themselves lucky. Because, you see, I still have 4 long months of growing to look forward to :)

And speaking of being a mommy, I had a much needed girl's night out with former neighbor B last night (if luck holds out, our babies will share the same birthday, a year apart!) at the Utah Flash game... we had some Jamba, great seats, and a lot of girltalk!! It was the perfect way to start off the weekend :) So fun... we will have to do it again sometime soon!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

the baby daddy

When I wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream and take care of the cat sitting outside our apartment in the blistering snow, back in 2008, Mr. D obliged to my wishes and Lucy became our first pet.

When Lucy got pregnant and had kittens, under my convincing, Mr. D allowed me to let them stay in our home until they got big enough to go outside, even though he was (is) terribly allergic to cats.

When we gave away Lucy and her kittens, Mr. D let us keep The Kevs.

When I wanted to spend money to run a race every month for a year, Mr. D supported me and even came to (nearly) every race.

When I knew I was ready and wanted to start having kids (it took him a few weeks but) Mr. D eventually agreed that we were ready.

When I wanted to move to be closer to work because I said I would walk to work, Mr. D found the perfect little apartment for us and moved all our stuff out here.

When decided it was too cold (and dark) to walk in the mornings, Mr. D let me take the car to work, even if most days he would have to walk (in sometimes blizzard-like conditions, like today!) to pick up at the car from where I parked it.

When A was left with limited options for her living situation, Mr. D, without hesitation, let her stay with us.

When I wanted a washer and dryer, Mr. D scoured the surrounding areas, picking out a perfect pair, even though he could have easily told me we would just keep doing laundry at family members' homes like we had been doing for the last few years.

When I suddenly got a craving for Graeter's ice cream a few months back (and threatened to ship some pints here from Ohio), Mr. D graciously offered to fly me home for my Spring Break, so I could freely partake of said ice cream. (8 days!!)

And today, when I only had a half hour for lunch (and was too forgetful to remember to bring anything to eat), Mr. D battled through the swarms of high schoolers to visit with me and bring me Bajio's.

Either I am very persuasive (highly unlikely), or I have the best companion I could dream of asking for.

Mr. D just got an email this week from some media-related guy in Idaho (who the Flash were playing) while he was doing the play-by-play broadcast for the Utah Flash, saying that he is "The best commentator they've had." DUH. Well, I guess I know that and maybe A knows that, but I certainly hope that shows Mr. D that he should know that. He is hardworking, thoughtful, and just overall incredible. And I really don't tell him that enough. But I know he reads my blog (sometimes) and want to make sure he knows. And I hope our son ends up with all of his qualities.

Home on a Thursday night....

I just finished watching the little 8 minute (ultrasound) video of our baby D.... again. I love that little movie. Its nice to put an image to the kicking. And poor Kevs (baby D's already kicked him a couple of times!)... Its astounding that he isn't more frightened of me--the tummy mound is getting so large that he can barely see my face when I am standing above him!!
I don't know what is more entertaining to me in our bathroom... our new washer and dryer (hallelujah!! They are my sanity savers for sure), or the Kevs--desperately trying to "save" the water when its flushed (we only let him do it with a clean tank, of course!). I'll have to post a video soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doctor's appointment #4

Needless to say, I was a bit concerned about this appointment. Two faculty members in my school have lost their little ones around this time of their pregnancy, and my usually squirmy boy must've been sleeping in yesterday morning (seems to take after his dad more every day!) because I didn't feel him moving until after the doctor's appointment.

The ultrasound seems to have checked out completely "normal" according to the doctor, although I did get a kick out of the Doctor saying that according to the ultrasound, it is a boy (as if there might be some doubt). Mr. D seems to have been pretty upset about that (since our ultrasound tech said it was "100% a boy"), but I assured him that he probably had to say that for legal reasons since he wasn't there and didn't see the baby like we did.

Anyways, "normal" is thrilling to me, after worrying about baby D's lack of morning movement... what a breath of relief. I never take those words for granted, even when the doctor comments on what a "boring" pregnancy I've been having. I will take boring any day of the week! I'm on track with my weight (at 24 pounds in 23 weeks, I guess I am eating my words when I scoffed back in December at the Doctor saying I should gain a pound a week!) and have discovered the baby D's most active time usually starts about 9pm... when I am trying to get relaxed and ready for bed!! Like I said, like father, like son :) And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break To Do List.

In no particular order....
1. Lunch and Shopping with Mom
2. Go on a walk with Dad
3. Have lunch at school with DK
4. Visit with Grandma, Parsons', Fuentes', and Parkus'
5. Movie: Diary of a Whimpy Kid with DK! (Followed, of course, by a visit to the Pet Store)
6. Greater's Ice Cream (baby D is just doing flips thinking about this one!)
7. Visit old high school and favorite art teacher to steal some assignment ideas!
8. Visit old high school friends Kathryn and Maria
9. Haircut with Mom
10. "I Spy DIY Bag" with DK and Mom (one each for cousins Faith and Benjamin, and one for our little D)

PS Both my sisters felt baby D kick last night at dinner :) What a thrill! Tomorrow is checkup #4 at the Doctor's and without having a PhD myself, I think I can confidently say he is getting bigger... and stronger!

Point of Comparison.

Last Sunday we had cousin Madison's farewell, and in talking with cousin Missy (below) I realized that although she is about two inches taller than me, she weighs right now as much as I did before I got pregnant! I don't think I ever looked that skinny, but you can certainly see how 5 months of baby has changed me!
This new body has certainly taken some getting used to...between fierce kicking from within at 3am and attempting to put on shoes, stork-style without hurting myself, I have finally accepted that my body is just different right now. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of long runs and intense weight lifting sessions, I have been revelling in yoga, pilates, and "running" on the elliptical. Its forced me to slow down a little.  Even as the storage of clothes that no longer fit me gets increasingly larger by the day, the (not-always-so-)gentle nudging of our little Baby D is a constant reminder of why I am the way that I am right now. I may not be a super running mommy like I was hoping for (thank you, kid in one of my classes who gave me the never ending cold last semester, putting me out of working out for 2 months and effectively destroying my 3 years of built up fitness), I am healthy and happy. And what more can a girl ask for??

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Losing my mind.

I found the paintings. There were only 6 of them that I just misplaced in another class period's pile.
So I suppose I am not losing my mind too badly, after all :)
Baby boy... WHY are you doing this to me?!

I have LOST 35 paintings. Yeah, an entire class' assignment that they worked on all last class period. GONE. No idea where they could be.

As airheaded as I usually am, this certainly takes the cake. The Pregnancy Brain seems to have worked overtime  this week... and I am now suffering the consequences. I blame it on lack of sleep... namely no naps this week longer than 20 minutes. But seriously... how do I loose such a huge stack of large paintings?! I have looked over my classroom 3 times over, leaving and coming back in to see if I can remember, and... nothing.

I'm going to go paint. Hopefully I find them before class tomorrow...

March Madness

I love filling out NCAA basketball brackets. Even though Mr. D probably thinks I'm nuts because I pick near-impossible upsets, and I always pick OSU to win it all, there's something about the Madness that really intrigues me.
Or, its just my lame attempt to save my sanity in the month of March, by actually being interested in what Mr. D will be watching 24/7...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've finally decided on my baby room colors for our little D.
Sage green, baby blue, and chocolate brown.
As an artist, colors are a HUGE deal to me, so I have been thinking about them
night and day for weeks. I am in love with this bedding set: was a good day. Full of potential.
Oh, St. Patrick's Day... the festivities may not be quite as animated here, but today--
I felt like I was back in Dublin, Ohio again.

All of my students have been wonderfully working hard this week.
And for the first time in my life... I am actually starting to like sculpture.

Monday, March 15, 2010

22 weeks and 21 pounds later...

Such a big boy growing inside of me! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

born into it

All I can think about is shopping for our little guy... I guess its a good thing Mr. D is the one commuting/with the car all day or else I would probably be in trouble! :) Is this not darling??Also, deciding what to do with the nursery is SO much harder than I thought it would be... I have so many wonderful ideas and I am still not sure whether to combine a few or just go for one of them. Maybe it will be a little easier after we pick out a name... suggestions???

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our son :)

I cannot be more thrilled to announce the summer arrival of....

(drumroll, please) A BABY BOY!!!!!
I thought I would fall out of my chair when I saw that wiggly little body on the TV monitor... what a squirmy little guy!!! I was so lucky to have both my sisters, and of course Mr. D, there. SO sorry Kana and Laura for keeping you in so much suspense last night!!! Yesterday was filled with visits with family and friends, giving them blue cupcakes (Which Grandpa Phil thought were PINK!?!) and telling the big news. We still don't have a decided name but we're working on it. I am SO excited for our little BOY and get SO emotional just thinking about holding him in a few months. He looked super healthy and we discuss measurements with the Doc in 2 weeks to establish if my due date will stay the same, etc. I'M GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE BOY!!!!! I can't believe it. I have so much to learn.... I know nothing about raising boys!! :) And I don't think I have to tell you how excited Mr. D was... I wish I had had a camera on his face... it was priceless.
We celebrated by purchasing our first washer and dryer :) I am so excited for our little BOY to come!!! (but not too early, of course!). More pics to come soon and I will try to get the video uploaded so you can watch our squirmy one kicking in action!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

the meltdown.

This morning got off to a rocky start... and rocky would be an understatement. I lay sobbing in bed for about two hours, lamenting my lack of sleep while our neighbor's cat (who, incidentally, they can NEVER hear) was yowling outside our door(s) from about four o'clock this morning on. Poor Mr. D was trying to console me but neither of us could sleep (not even the Kevs) and finally I just gave in and went to take a shower.

You know when you see a little kid who hasn't taken their nap at a supermarket and they kicking and screaming and just completely inconsolable? That's a meltdown. And I am not ashamed to admit that was what I had this morning.

You see, since I got pregnant, there are two things I do NOT do well without: Sleep and food. And when I go without one of them, I (stupidly) eliminate the other as a form of protest, which leaves me feeling worse than before. Luckily for me, my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful Mr. D had created a fully loaded hot breakfast for me when I came downstairs, of scrambled eggs/cheese/tomatoes and toast with peanut butter....heaven.

I love that man so much. I cried again and I am tearing up just thinking about it again. He's already the best husband and is going to make the most wonderful father.

The video camera is charged, and 40 blue or pink cupcakes are just waiting at home to be frosted white and delivered post-doctor's appointment. Get excited (and don't be shy), baby, your big day has finally arrived!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

you know it must almost be baseball season...

When Motherhood Maternity (the one place I have shopped at repeatedly over the last few months) comes out with matching mommy and me MLB gear... Since our little one will be born right in the middle of the season, it would make a great mother's day present (hint hint Mr. D)!

Oh...the cutest. It just screams, "I'm my father's child!"

Thursday, March 04, 2010

FOUR more days!!

What do you think baby D will be? Boy or Girl?? If you haven't done so yet, leave me a comment and tell me what you think..... NOW!!! :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

In between...

I am in this terribly awkward phase in pregnancy where I stretch out (a very unsightly thing) all of my regular clothes, but the maternity clothes I have are a little too... tent-like for my liking. Big but not big enough I guess. Just in between. I suppose in a few months I'll just be complaining that nothing fits me so I should enjoy fitting into pre-prego clothes while it lasts

And I have been thinking a LOT about this baby... probably because its constant movements seem to demand a certain "pay attention to me NOW" factor. Less than a week till we know (hopefully) for sure! Needless to say, I would be SO happy with either gender... I truly just want to have a happy, healthy baby.

Reasons why I want it to be/think its a boy:
-I would LOVE a replica of Mr. D as a baby... a darling (chubby) blonde baby with dimples
-The majority of my friends/family think its a boy (yes, I've polled them!)
-I know Mr. D really really wants a boy... and I want him to be happy
-I love boys. And the color blue. And I've heard dealing with boys is much easier (less hormones?) ... and less maintenance :)
-Little boys are so so so stinking cute in mini-suits on Sundays :) And our boy will for sure be wearing one EVERY Sunday just like his Uncle DK did/does

Reasons why I want it to be/think its a girl:
-I love love love our girl name we have picked out and just feel like it will be a girl?
-As the firstborn daughter, I love the bonding (and shopping!) that came along with being firstborn to my mom and would love to have that experience
-My cousin, Brisley, who is closest in age to me is having a girl in May, and I would love our little one to have a close "big sister" relationship with her second cousin like I had with her.
-Baby girl accessories are the cutest. Headbands, dresses, jewelery....
-I just know girls so much better. And understand them. And I love my sisters...something about girly bonding
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