Saturday, February 27, 2010

whoa-oh... We're halfway they-ere...

Thank you, Bon Jovi. You have been stuck in my head all week.

Talk about a crazy week.
Art conference in St George
Chilean Earthquake (thank goodness for technology)
New Roommate (post on that forthcoming)
20 weeks....and 17 pounds?! Oh boy. We'd better have some super healthy baby.
Other than the slight difficulty that comes with trying to self-pedicure with a WNBA-sized basketball in my way, I feel fantastic...and Baby must too because he/she continues to Turbokick his/her way around my uterus. :)

And pants are no longer comfortable. At all. Come soon, springtime!!!

Craving(s) of the week: Favourite (junk) foods from my childhood: PopTarts, Chocolate milk, and sugared cereal (so... the DSK Diet???)

1 comment:

Laura said...

Ruth! I loved this post. I hope spring comes soon for you.

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