Tuesday, February 02, 2010

SUPER clean!!

My AMAZING sisters and Em came over tonight for French Toast or Ramen and Hot Dogs dinner, and some seriously heavy duty cleaning of my apartment. Three hours later I am thanking my lucky stars and will be eternally grateful to my cleaning crew for doing work that would have literally taken me days to do!! Here I am with our "supervisor":Em, in charge of the Bathroom (she is so brave... and a wicked good super cleaner!!). I heart her pink bangs.
The reluctant-to-help Mr. D... but I admit, 4 furiously cleaning women can be pretty intimidating. And he will literally be pulling the full motherload this weekend, since I can't lift/move anything...
In charge of the bedroom and helping me with the kitchen, my Surah (with Supervisor Kevs) making sure she got all the dishes completely clean!
Bananas in the living room, vacuuming... on her one day off during full weeks of her show, and the week of her birthday!! I guess that shows how much she loves me :) She's getting some good presents for her birthday, that's for sure!
I literally cannot thank everyone enough for helping me tonight.... I love you GIRLS!!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!


skroner said...

we love you! (: always glad to help!

Andrea said...

Ahhh, what good sisters you have! I want to see pics of your new condo! Wish I was there to help you!

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