Sunday, February 21, 2010

housewarming dessertextravaganza

I spent all afternoon making yummy party chicken, cilantro rice, guac and desserts.
And everyone brought desserts.

FreshmanYrKatieL, A'sOldRoomieRae&HubbyJon, and my sisters came.
Coworker CarrieH and Mr. D's brothers came.
It was a PARtay. Thanks A for giving all the rides. :)

My sisters wish they had big bellies to match mine :) I heart them so much!!!!

Baby was SO happy and kicking all night :)
But who wouldn't be excited with all the amazing people surrounding us?
:) We are so so blessed.

1 comment:

skroner said...

we look so cute in the first one!
the second one..
whats going on with my face ahahahaha.

i love you no less (: can't waiiiit til that baby bumps a real live baby baby!

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