Wednesday, February 10, 2010

double digits.

Valentines Drawing from little brother DK.
I dare you to look at it and not love it. Or laugh. It is awesome.
I haven't been to the gym in a week. Thus, I have not weighed myself in 7 days.
And yesterday, I made the cardinal pregnancy mistake.
I weighed myself at the gym.
I mean, I knew from the start that weight gain was sort of a part of the whole baby package... I just wasn't expecting to go from moderate to a LOT of weight gain in such a short amount of time. I think baby could tell I was upset, because he/she seems to be moving around a lot more this morning than usual.
Its a comforting feeling.


Cheri said...

Ruthie: Cold hard fact #1: when you are carrying another human being, you will gain weight.
Cold hard fact #2: When you nurse that human being that made you gain all the weight, you LOOSE it all plus more quite quickly.

naomi said...

You know whats weird, after this point, you get bigger but you get happier about it. And you will snap back into shape anyway, I know it!

Stina said...

I second what Cheri and Naomi said, it'll be gone in no-time, and it will be soooo worth it!!!!!

You are beautiful and amazing, dont forget it!!

skroner said...

aahahhaha. just love daniel and just love him sometimes.

*question mark*

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