Saturday, February 27, 2010


Every spring when I was little and we would have to go down to the basement of our house during tornado warnings. My mom would tell us about growing up in Chile, and the earthquakes that she remembers having as a little girl...nothing too big or dangerous, but just something that was common, like our Ohio tornadoes. And that always made me feel better, because while we had a lot of tornadoes, the most severe ones only involved power lines going down or our big ancient neighbourhood oak trees being knocked to the ground like cornstalks. Sometimes people would get injured, but only if they were outside. I loved knowing our basement could always be a safehaven from the most dangerous of Ohio's natural disasters.
But since I moved to Utah, I was always terribly concerned about earthquakes. You can have a warning about a tornado, and still have time to sound an alarm and find shelter, but earthquakes are so much quicker, unpredictable and far more devastating. Certainly my biggest fear is to experience an earthquake... and it doesn't help that ever since I came out here, all I hear about is that "We are due, anytime, for an earthquake." And then I took a geology class my senior year, which only confirmed my biggest fear: my professor told me we were OVERdue for an earthquake. Which is why I hoped to be safely out of Utah within that year...which didn't happen. :)
And early this morning, my mother's homeland of Chile was rocked with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake, the biggest to hit Chile in 50 years. Super scary, but when I found out I felt a huge relief thinking about how over the last 7 years my parents have successfully (legally!) brought two of my mom's three sisters and their families here to the United States. So I knew they were safe. And my mom was able to contact some family members down there and know that they were safe, even though so many are not. Thankfully, Chile is well-prepared for earthquakes more so than Haiti, and they are certainly more well off as well.... so hopefully current President Bachelet and President-elect Pinera can help their government in recovery and keeping everyone else safe with whatever happens. Until then, once again, I'll just pray for my fellow Chileans....
And hope I'm out of Utah before they get their earthquake.

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