Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As promised... new house pictures!

PS. They did download backwards....
So here is our bedroom!!
Baby D's future room
Upstairs shower
And the rest of the upstairs bathroom.
View from the hallway at the top of the stairs
(baby room is in front, bathroom on right, our room on left)
Kitchen!! With dishwasher!!
Our very first dining area...
looks a little lonely right now...
Downstairs bathroom (future home of our first washer and dryer)
Living room with fireplace (kitchen entrance is upper right of pic)
Split-Level Entrance...
So thats our house! So cute and yet its my little mansion!!! I love love love it
(and hope you enjoy the shag carpet as much as we do!)


anna. said...

just love the pics. your house is so cute!

p.s. tell the kevs i said hi. plus the gummy dino bear.

Laura said...

RUTH!!! it's beautiful!!! i can't even believe it! Can't wait to see it in person. You look wonderful. Say hello to Provo for me!

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