Sunday, February 28, 2010

new roommate the one on the left :) Welcome to my home, Bananas.
This is going to be awesome. Mi casa es su casa!!

But the one on the right... she is still invited over whenever she likes!!
Love you Surah!

20 weeks photo!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

whoa-oh... We're halfway they-ere...

Thank you, Bon Jovi. You have been stuck in my head all week.

Talk about a crazy week.
Art conference in St George
Chilean Earthquake (thank goodness for technology)
New Roommate (post on that forthcoming)
20 weeks....and 17 pounds?! Oh boy. We'd better have some super healthy baby.
Other than the slight difficulty that comes with trying to self-pedicure with a WNBA-sized basketball in my way, I feel fantastic...and Baby must too because he/she continues to Turbokick his/her way around my uterus. :)

And pants are no longer comfortable. At all. Come soon, springtime!!!

Craving(s) of the week: Favourite (junk) foods from my childhood: PopTarts, Chocolate milk, and sugared cereal (so... the DSK Diet???)


Every spring when I was little and we would have to go down to the basement of our house during tornado warnings. My mom would tell us about growing up in Chile, and the earthquakes that she remembers having as a little girl...nothing too big or dangerous, but just something that was common, like our Ohio tornadoes. And that always made me feel better, because while we had a lot of tornadoes, the most severe ones only involved power lines going down or our big ancient neighbourhood oak trees being knocked to the ground like cornstalks. Sometimes people would get injured, but only if they were outside. I loved knowing our basement could always be a safehaven from the most dangerous of Ohio's natural disasters.
But since I moved to Utah, I was always terribly concerned about earthquakes. You can have a warning about a tornado, and still have time to sound an alarm and find shelter, but earthquakes are so much quicker, unpredictable and far more devastating. Certainly my biggest fear is to experience an earthquake... and it doesn't help that ever since I came out here, all I hear about is that "We are due, anytime, for an earthquake." And then I took a geology class my senior year, which only confirmed my biggest fear: my professor told me we were OVERdue for an earthquake. Which is why I hoped to be safely out of Utah within that year...which didn't happen. :)
And early this morning, my mother's homeland of Chile was rocked with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake, the biggest to hit Chile in 50 years. Super scary, but when I found out I felt a huge relief thinking about how over the last 7 years my parents have successfully (legally!) brought two of my mom's three sisters and their families here to the United States. So I knew they were safe. And my mom was able to contact some family members down there and know that they were safe, even though so many are not. Thankfully, Chile is well-prepared for earthquakes more so than Haiti, and they are certainly more well off as well.... so hopefully current President Bachelet and President-elect Pinera can help their government in recovery and keeping everyone else safe with whatever happens. Until then, once again, I'll just pray for my fellow Chileans....
And hope I'm out of Utah before they get their earthquake.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunny St. George weekend...

Yes, I made it to St. George. And it is gorgeous!! We painted away the afternoon,
visited with old friends, and then came here for dinner:
It was awesome. I HIGHLY recommend it....
especially their to-die-for cupcakes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

its getting a bit uncomfortable...

Yesterday, I was running errands like crazy after school, and while nothing seemed to be going right, at least there were two silver linings to my day. [[Well, 3 if you count the fact that Mr. D didn't try to divorce me... I was in a ROTTEN mood (Sorry, Mr. D!!).]] First, my workout pants still fit (hooray!!), even if just barely, and second, over the weekend I stopped by Motherhood Maternity and purchased this cute kit for about $40 that came with a black maternity tank (shown here), rouched tshirt, yoga pants, and a white cami. $40!!! What a steal. In other words, my sanity for the next few months as I was getting a little embarassed going to the gym for a workout with the dreaded tummy peeking out...gross. Yesterday was also the first time in my pregnancy that I physically FELT uncomfortable... completely movement-restricted. I suppose that is normal, and I am (almost!) halfway there. Note the creeper Kevs at the window...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

housewarming dessertextravaganza

I spent all afternoon making yummy party chicken, cilantro rice, guac and desserts.
And everyone brought desserts.

FreshmanYrKatieL, A'sOldRoomieRae&HubbyJon, and my sisters came.
Coworker CarrieH and Mr. D's brothers came.
It was a PARtay. Thanks A for giving all the rides. :)

My sisters wish they had big bellies to match mine :) I heart them so much!!!!

Baby was SO happy and kicking all night :)
But who wouldn't be excited with all the amazing people surrounding us?
:) We are so so blessed.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today was one of those rare days when two of my least favorite classes suddenly turned into one of my favorites. I love those days. With some classes I feel like I try and try and try and change everything all the time to get students really engaged in my class. And today... I succeeded. I feel successful.
Its about time.
I am ready for a nap!
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie: March 19th!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mr. D's 26th birthday was this past Monday

So it was nice to have the day off with President's Day to spend with him. I made him Heath Bar Cake...but unfortunately we didn't have any candles with the number "6," so I improvised and used the numbers 2 and 4 together (if you can't tell from the picture). I think he liked it...
And here is my 18 week belly from Sunday.
One last little thing... I don't think Kevin got the memo about the baby. I am pretty certain he thinks it is his room. And the changing table is his new bed. Oh Kevs...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


18 weeks and 3 days prego.
14 pounds heavier (with .5 lbs of baby) and I am feeling every bit of it. :)
Dr.'s appointment #3 went smoothly.
I am hungry all the time and baby is moving all the time.
3 weeks until that question mark is officially boy or girl!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

V is very very extraordinary

With everything that has happened in the last few weeks, and days even, I am constantly humbled and reminded that we are a critical part of something that is so much bigger than any of us are. I am grateful for constant reminders to look outside of myself and my immediate "problems" and look for ways to serve others. Especially on holidays like today. Bananas' best friend and roommate, Emily, had an unfortunate car accident this past week, and Bananas is by her side this weekend in the Denver hospital. Sometimes it is so hard to feel so utterly helpless. I wish with all my heart that I could be with them at this difficult time, more than anything to hold my sister and make Emily better.

So, on the "official" day of Love, be sure to share a little.
Because sometimes that may be the only gift we can give.

And until you are back, Emily, we will just keep praying and hoping for a little miracle...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines for Widows

So the picture may have come out crooked... and lopsided (can't figure out how to fix that) but the service club that I'm in charge of (which only has a handful of my art students) actually came out with some pretty adorable Valentines that we are distributing to widows and widowers we know for this special weekend....we had so many, these are actually all the leftovers! I guess right now its the closest thing I have to my "own" kids... and I am pretty darn proud of them! Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As promised... new house pictures!

PS. They did download backwards....
So here is our bedroom!!
Baby D's future room
Upstairs shower
And the rest of the upstairs bathroom.
View from the hallway at the top of the stairs
(baby room is in front, bathroom on right, our room on left)
Kitchen!! With dishwasher!!
Our very first dining area...
looks a little lonely right now...
Downstairs bathroom (future home of our first washer and dryer)
Living room with fireplace (kitchen entrance is upper right of pic)
Split-Level Entrance...
So thats our house! So cute and yet its my little mansion!!! I love love love it
(and hope you enjoy the shag carpet as much as we do!)

double digits.

Valentines Drawing from little brother DK.
I dare you to look at it and not love it. Or laugh. It is awesome.
I haven't been to the gym in a week. Thus, I have not weighed myself in 7 days.
And yesterday, I made the cardinal pregnancy mistake.
I weighed myself at the gym.
I mean, I knew from the start that weight gain was sort of a part of the whole baby package... I just wasn't expecting to go from moderate to a LOT of weight gain in such a short amount of time. I think baby could tell I was upset, because he/she seems to be moving around a lot more this morning than usual.
Its a comforting feeling.

Monday, February 08, 2010

new house

Moving went along so smoothly and so quickly... it was a total blur....
SUPER BIG thanks to my lovely sisters and brothers in law, Grandpa, Drew&Madison, John&Jess, Neighbor Quinn, and Uncle Pat.
We started out at 8am and everything was in our new apartment by noon. By 1pm, everyone had their share of juice and donuts and left, leaving me with my sad and crying little Kevs (who cried in the car the whole way to the apartment, and subsequently our entire first night...oh, short-term memory...). So, with my little black and white shadow following me around, I unpacked and rearranged EVERYTHING by 7pm that same night, when Mr. D came home and took me out to dinner. (: I was more sore than after my first half marathon.
Sunday Dinner at D&M's was SO much fun... family+Superbowl+green chili burritos+Anna's birthday cake=AWESOME.
I will take pictures just as soon as I get home from work today...

Friday, February 05, 2010

little things

For being an "easy" week at school, what with testing/shorter class times, I was expecting to have a decent amount of downtime... you know, to do things like take a 30 minute nap. I got one in all week!
I came home last night completely exhausted. Grouchy, grumpy, irritable, tired...the list could go on forever. (Did I mention I shut my finger in between the car door and dashboard?? Quite a feat, I know.) I walked up our stairs and... there was a potted plant on my doorstep!!! Of all things to make me happy on a dark night in the dead of winter, WOW.
The note read: Enjoy your last day at your old house! Provo will miss you! xoxo
So... not signed. But I have my ideas as to who it was from... and it just melted my icy little heart to tears. Sometimes it really is the little things that can make all the difference when you need it the most.
Thank you.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sometimes the best things in life ARE free

I suppose since it is her birthday, I should wish my favorite (now) 23 year old sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! While its a bummer we can't hang out on her big day, I was thrilled to see the play shes been working so feverishly on for weeks, this past Tuesday. Tartuuff (sp?) was SO funny and even had the cutest puppy as one of the actors!! I wanted to adopt him on the spot. Anyways, Bananas is SO awesome, and I have loved living in the same town as her for the last 5 years (has it really been that long??). It has been such a blessing, and while I am a little sad to be moving away from said town this weekend (can you believe its already time to move?!), I know that she too will be moving on in life in the next couple of months... so I like being able to be the one to move first :)

While we have had our differences over the years *cough* high school, she has been a wonderful sister/friend, workout/running buddy and especially amazing iron chef compadre in the last few months :) Its amazing to realize she is where I was only a year ago... she is SO much more mature than I am!!!!

On a slightly different note (based on the title of my post), a HUGE thanks goes to Stina for her SUPER generous contribution to my (near) non-existent prego wardrobe... she gave me an entire SUITCASE full of cute clothes to borrow!!! Needless to say, I am pretty sure Mr. D breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when he realized that I was now (slightly) less likely to go on a prenatal shopping binge :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! My stretched out tops and always-unbuttoned pants thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Also of mentionable note, Mr. D's cousin, M, went through the temple for the first time yesterday. It was a wonderful experience highlighted by lots of excited kicking on the baby's part!! He/she must have recognized some of the wonderful people I felt were in that wonderful place we were in :) My heart is positively full.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

SUPER clean!!

My AMAZING sisters and Em came over tonight for French Toast or Ramen and Hot Dogs dinner, and some seriously heavy duty cleaning of my apartment. Three hours later I am thanking my lucky stars and will be eternally grateful to my cleaning crew for doing work that would have literally taken me days to do!! Here I am with our "supervisor":Em, in charge of the Bathroom (she is so brave... and a wicked good super cleaner!!). I heart her pink bangs.
The reluctant-to-help Mr. D... but I admit, 4 furiously cleaning women can be pretty intimidating. And he will literally be pulling the full motherload this weekend, since I can't lift/move anything...
In charge of the bedroom and helping me with the kitchen, my Surah (with Supervisor Kevs) making sure she got all the dishes completely clean!
Bananas in the living room, vacuuming... on her one day off during full weeks of her show, and the week of her birthday!! I guess that shows how much she loves me :) She's getting some good presents for her birthday, that's for sure!
I literally cannot thank everyone enough for helping me tonight.... I love you GIRLS!!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

its going to get hot

Only 4 more mornings that I have to wake up to go to school in the cold...
Saturday's the big day--the day that I finally get a house with HEAT!!!!
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