Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the weirdest kind of dreams

Its no real secret that I have thought this baby was a girl since I got pregnant, mostly just because I felt that way and no, I cannot explain why. And in my 5am to 550am slumber this morning, I had the most wonderful dream. I was holding a naked, strawberry blonde, chubby little smiling baby boy. As I held him, I couldn't remember anything about giving birth to him, but I distinctly remember thinking, this is my boy, my little Boston Drew. And as I held him, I was just completely overwhelmed with happiness.

I woke up Mr. D and told him about my dream... even half asleep, he was elated but not convinced. I don't really get dreams like that, mostly just feelings. Like the feeling I felt last fall that we were missing something...or more accurately someone in our lives.

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