Monday, January 25, 2010

A weekend with only a 30 minute nap

means I actually accomplished a lot. I'm just tired. And its got me thinking that maybe I should have slept a little more. This marks the first weekend I have not had at least 2 two-hour naps.
So I have been in the process of moving...
and the Kevs is absolutely no help. he is almost the anti-help. almost.
jumping into boxes and luggage containers.
jumping onto piles of packed stuff and knocking them over.
racing around the kitchen playing with his new favorite toys--clothespins.
that have all ended up under the refrigerator.
I baked 3 batches of my mother in law's chocolate chip cookies.
I've mastered baking cookies without burning them in high altitude.
Mr. D and I then proceeded to eat an entire batch.
I baked 4 loaves of bread. From scratch.
2 Burned. 2 turned out "perfect."
Still working on bread baking mastery. Once I get that down, I will move on to rolls.
Made BBQ chicken... the BBQ sauce also made from scratch...
a recipe I will definitely be using again. And soon.
I had my sisters and brothers-in-law over for Sunday dinner.
Bananas made all this food. From scratch. So good.
This baby is seriously so lucky.
He/She is going to have the best aunts and uncles ever.
And I swear I felt baby move for the first time on Saturday morning.
A fantastic weekend.
Week 15, here I come.

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