Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. D broke his nose playing Churchball... and our cat is really a dog.

He came home Thursday night and awoke me my saying, "I broke my nose tonight." What?! So what happened is that he got elbowed in the face playing basketball, and his nose was crooked to the side and bleeding. So what does he do? Push it back where it belongs and eventually the bleeding stopped. He feels fine, and the swelling has gone down (see below) but he has pretty sad looking bruises on his nose and under his eyes. What a tough guy!
Also, I have been attempting to document this for WEEKS. Kevin has this poor little mouse toy (I think he is on #4 or #5, since he plays fetch with them and then tears them to shreds, but my awesome mom keeps buying them for him) that we usually throw around the house or down the stairs and he retrieves it and we play like that until he gets tired or just decides to start tearing out the stuffing (that part is his favorite). Well, lately, we will throw the mouse down the stairs and instead of running it back up to us, (we are on the second story) he will climb, with mouse in mouth, up to the roof of the house and sit by our window until we open it for him and the game starts all over again.
It is hysterical. And yet another great reason why I love our little Kevs. I mean, how many cats do you know that can do that crazy of a trick over and over again??? Not many, I'll bet.

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Taylor and Stina Cline said...

hope Mr D gets better quick for Soccer!! I can't wait to see you pregnant!!! COngrats!!!

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