Monday, January 11, 2010

how embarassing.

remember those little near-pass out episodes I had a few weeks/months back in the middle of the night? well, at least I figured out that those happened because I was getting up too fast from bed. now don't freak out or anything, mom. then today, I nearly (and I say nearly because I did not fall to the ground) fainted in front of my first period class while I was talking with them. Really!? I was just going over your usual start of the new semester lecture... and all the noise (well, not that there was much of it anyway) was just gone.

I felt terrible, and leaning against the table in front of me, I heard a student tell me to sit down. As I grabbed for a chair, another student promptly picked me up by the arm, gave me a piece of gum and told me I needed some sugar. I couldn't think at all. I remember mumbling something about being right back and he helped me down the stairs so I could lay down in the nurses office. I am sure the entire class was staring at me the whole way out. They took my blood pressure after I had laid down for awhile, and since it was normal and I felt fine, they gave me some juice and I came back to class, apologizing profusely to my poor, shell-shocked class. How embarrassing.

I had breakfast this morning (a huge bowl of cereal) and felt fine up until that point and ever since that point. Thank goodness for students knowing what to do in case of an emergency. I retold the story to all my other classes, in case it (heaven forbid) happens again. It was horrible, made worse by the fact that Mr. D wasn't there to give me a blessing and tell me everything would be Okay. I hope with all of this craziness that I'm going through that our little one is doing all right... my next appointment is a week from tomorrow and I can't wait to hear that reassuring little heartbeat again.


Laura said...

RUTH! I am so glad your students were there to help you. You've been there for me when I randomly fainted at the gym that one time... gosh that's terrifying- I hope you are feeling good!

Andrea said...

you poor thing! this preggo thing is making you so sick! that is so awesome though to hear that your high school kids can take charge and know what to do to help. way to go to your students!

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